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Grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit: Hansestädte

Grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit: Hansestädte - damals und heute

The project is focused primarily on the cross-border development of new tourism products for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout the Hanseatic Towns in the Dutch/German border region, which extends from the Dutch province of Overijssel to the German part of the Euregio Rhine-Waal (Gelderland, Veluwe, Arnhem/Nijmegen, Lower Rhine, Rhineland, Overijssel). As a result, the project succeeds in addressing the Visitor need for a new product offering related to city tourism and therefore – in combination with the extra product offering reinforcing the cultural and historical heritage in the Hanseatic-Corridor – strengthens the trend for short city breaks. Connected both by a cycle route suitable for various target groups (recreational cyclists, cyclists on e-bikes, etc.) and by water, the Hanseatic Towns serve as a magnet attracting people to the hinterland. Simultaneously, the project responds to the need of SMEs (accommodation/food service businesses) and other tourism-related companies for new, bookable products that contribute to the cross-border positioning of the ‘Hanseatic’ theme and hence create new revenue opportunities for those SMEs, including in conjunction with the traditional ‘Hanseatic Days’ in the Dutch/German border region. The project is supported by a network of regional tourism-related) organisations, the local tourist information offices, the local municipalities and a cluster of (tourism-related) companies along the route.


Planned project costs

1.998.377,21 €

Project Duration

1.1.2019 - 30.9.2022


Socio-cultural and territorial cohesion in the programme area

Lead Partner

Toerisme Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen BV

Project partners

Stichting Marketing Oost, Stichting Achterhoek Toerisme, Niederrhein Tourismus GmbH, Stichting Erfgoed Gelderland, Stadt Kalkar, Gemeente Doesburg, WeselMarketing GmbH, Partner KMU/ MKB, Gemeente West Maas en Waal , Stichting Zutphen Promotie, Stichting Kampen Partner (voorm. Sichting Kampen Marketing), VVV Deventer , Neusser Marketing GmbH & Co. KG, Stichting NBTC Holland Marketing, Stadt Emmerich am Rhein,


Financer Amount
Gemeente Elburg 15.000,00 €
Stichting Marketing Oost 20.000,00 €
Stichting NBTC Holland Marketing 100.000,00 €
Gemeente Doesburg 15.000,00 €
Neusser Marketing GmbH & Co. KG 15.000,00 €
Stichting Zutphen Promotie 23.064,00 €
Gemeente Harderwijk 30.000,00 €
VVV Deventer 0,00 €
Stichting Achterhoek Toerisme 15.000,00 €
WeselMarketing GmbH 27.000,00 €
Gemeente Zwolle 45.000,00 €
Provincie Overijssel 99.861,17 €
Gemeente Zwartewaterland 15.000,00 €
EFRE / EFRO 999.188,61 €
MWIDE NRW 199.724,46 €
Gemeente Zutphen 6.936,00 €
Gemeente West Maas en Waal 10.000,00 €
Stadt Emmerich am Rhein 15.000,00 €
Stichting Kampen Partner (voorm. Sichting Kampen Marketing) 30.000,00 €
Niederrhein Tourismus GmbH 15.000,00 €
Toerisme Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen BV 20.000,00 €
Provincie Gelderland 99.861,17 €
Stadt Kalkar 15.000,00 €
Gemeente Deventer 45.000,00 €
Partner KMU/ MKB 100.000,00 €
Stichting Erfgoed Gelderland 7.741,80 €
Gemeente Hattem 15.000,00 €