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Project application and implementation

from concept

to declaration

Project idea

If you would like to apply, the first step is to use the “project idea” form. You will find this form on the German or Dutch page, in the downloads section. Based on this form, you can already start thinking about the most important aspects of your project. Furthermore, it is a good preparation for the initial discussion about your idea with the staff of the regional programme management in your (Eu)regio.  You can also make a first estimation of the costs and financing of the project.


Financing the project

The financing of projects carried out in INTERREG-programme Germany-Netherlands normally consists of three parts:

  • A contribution of the project partners: a part of the project costs must be contributed by the partners themselves.
  • A EU-contribution from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): This can be funded, in principle, up to 50 percent of project costs.
  • A grant by national co-funders: ministries and provinces can also propose subsidies for the INTERREG-programme. With this grant also a part of the project-costs can be financed.

Project application

Project applications must be submitted through the online monitoring system InterDB. The leadpartner of the project prepares the application together with the project partners and submits it via the monitoring system. Access to the monitoring system can be granted by the regional programme management.

Assessment and decision

The responsible regional programme management assesses the eligibility of the project application based on the basic elegibility criteria of the INTERREG-programme. After this, the application will forwarded to the respective INTERREG – steering committee (in the region, where the leadpartner is located) for a decision. For projects in priority 1, the substantive and programme-wide discussion in the so called “Innovatie-Overleg” will take place prior to the submission to the steering committee. The Innovatie-Overleg will formulate a recommendation for the Steering Committee.

Before the project can be approved, the INTERREG-partners involved (ministries, provinces, euroregions) have to form an opinion about the project proposal. It is therefore possible that the lead partner is requested to share additional information or present the proposal in a personal meeting. The regional programme management will accompany the lead partner through the whole process.

Subsidy contract

If your project is be approved by the steering committee, the contracting authority at the Bezirksregierung Münster will receive the application documents, carries out a final check and prepares a subsidiy contract for the projects. Once this contract is issued, the partners can officially start with the project.


Project implementation and declarations

The grant for your project consists of EU-funds, but also of national and often regional funds, that will be provided by different institutions. To facilitate the implementation of the projects, as a lead partner, you will receive all of this funding from one body, the so-called certifying authority. The funds will be paid only when the costs are actually incurred (cost reimbursement principle). That means that you must declare the costs and provide the relevant supporting documents. After a control, the funds will be paid out by the certifying authority.

The lead partner is responsible for the distribution of the funding to the other project partners. He is also responsible for the fulfilment of all obligations that are stated in the subsidy contract. The lead partner signs a cooperation agreement with all other project partners.

During the project implementation and at the end of the project, you have to report about the progress of your activities and about the use of the funds.