Interreg VI news


Priority 1

Strenghtening innovation

across borders

Support smart growth in the region

The first priority of the new program is to strengthen the competitiveness of the region through smart growth. To have a good competitive position as region, in Europe, it is important to invest in research and development. The strong representation of high-tech companies and research institutions in the region, offers the opportunity to – in constant cross border collaboration – improve market opportunities and sustainable support SMEs.

To achieve the objectives in the field of innovation, especially for the program relevant sectors such as Agribusiness/food, Health & Life Science, High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM), Logistics and Energy / reduction of carbon dioxide, it is necessary to create more and better cross border clusters and to conduct joint research. The INTERREG V program invests in the above mentioned sectors in the form of  the so called strategic initiatives.


Objective 1: Innovation in SMEs

As a result of the support of projects in priority 1, product and process innovations in SMEs are pursued. The result of the contribution of the INTERREG V program will be positively assessed at the end of the program period if it shows that the percentage of SMEs, which introduces product and/or process innovations, has been increased.


Objective 2: Energy and low carbon economy

The transition of the energy system and a more sustainable use of natural resources are both for Germany and for the Netherlands one of the key priorities and a big challenge for the border region in the coming years. To support the transition of the energy system, new technologies and innovations are required. These technologies and innovations lead to reinforcement of the competitiveness in the region, and are essential for the development of the border region for a low carbon economy. Especially in this area, both countries can learn a lot from one another.


Submitting a project application

Would you like to submit a project under priority 1? Use the “Project idea” form, which can be found in the downloads section (only available in Germand or Dutch). It will give you a good basis for discussing your project ideas with the staff of the regional programme management in your region or Euroregion. Together with them, you can refine your idea and prepare for a formal application. You can find the contact details here.