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H2Watt: Entwicklung eines grenzübergreifenden Technologie-Clusters für den Aufbau von Real-Laboren zur Entwicklung von Kompetenzen, Verfahren und Systemen zur effizienten Produktion, Speicherung, Nutzung und zum Transport von Wasserstoff im Wattenmeer

The use of hydrogen (H2) is considered a key element in shaping the energy transition. Particularly in the north of the Netherlands and Germany, where renewable energy is increasingly being generated, the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier is becoming increasingly important.

The aim of the H2Watt project is to prepare the economy on both sides of the border in a cross-sectoral manner for the new requirements and potential arising from the introduction of hydrogen. In addition, the technological development and the transfer of knowledge in the field of hydrogen economy will be promoted.

The implementation of the innovation projects is focused on the islands of Borkum and Ameland. Due to the natural conditions in the Wadden Sea there are optimal conditions for the production of “green” hydrogen, e.g. with the help of wind and solar power plants as well as wave and tidal power plants. A further advantage is that the supply system can be viewed autonomously.

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Planned project costs

2.265.655,00 €

Project Duration

1.7.2019 - 30.6.2022


Increase of cross-border innovation in the programme area

Lead Partner


Project partners

abh Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, AG Reederei Norden Frisia, Reederij Doeksen, Hochschule Emden/Leer, Vereniging FME-CWM, Nordseeheilbad Borkum, Borkumer Kleinbahn und Dampfschiffahrt GmbH, Wagenborg Shipping B.V., Resato International B.V., Gemeente Ameland, HyGro Technology B.V., Vuyk Engineering B.V. ,


Financer Amount
MB Niedersachsen 339.848,25 €
Reederij Doeksen 18.511,06 €
Vuyk Engineering B.V. 33.668,96 €
EFRE / EFRO 906.262,00 €
Vereniging FME-CWM 0,00 €
Provincie Drenthe 113.282,75 €
Gemeente Ameland 141.999,99 €
HyGro Technology B.V. 14.235,50 €
abh Ingenieurtechnik GmbH 21.468,65 €
MARIKO GmbH 0,00 €
Resato International B.V. 57.535,00 €
Wagenborg Shipping B.V. 7.856,74 €
Borkumer Kleinbahn und Dampfschiffahrt GmbH 75.933,27 €
Provincie Groningen 113.282,75 €
Hochschule Emden/Leer 145.285,63 €
AG Reederei Norden Frisia 21.201,71 €
Provincie Fryslân 113.282,75 €
Nordseeheilbad Borkum 141.999,99 €