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GPT Bad Nieuweschans 2017+

GPT Bad Nieuweschans 2017+

The Cross-border police team in Bad Nieuweschans has proven itself. An extended operation, particularly with the targeted controlled-information-flow as component intended to make the operation of the GPT even more effective. The use of the latest investigation techniques and secure data lines and the implementation of digital radio network connections between the police forces of both countries are in the focus of the operational work. A more effective cooperation between the security agencies involved in the border area on the basis of targeted
information (collect, evaluate and control) in addition to the feasibility studies for the connection of special equipment and the use of a common information center is the goal of the project.
The added value for the economy and population in the Ems-Dollart region is obvious: the expanded police operation makes a significant contribution to increasing the security of the program area. The jointly efficient and effective use of links between the police forces of the Netherlands and the state of Lower Saxony go far beyond the usual level of ‘normal’ police operations. The improved crime control achieved in this way also means an increase in security for the region.
In addition to the listed expenditure for the project at the cost plan, the participating authorities employ further staff (9 employees in GPT and 1 staff for information management). Furthermore, other expenses for the normal operation of GPT are not quantified (operation of radio masts, technical network, …) which are not introduced as a cost of the project in co-financing. The proportion of the involved authorities in the total cost of the project (staff costs in the amount of approximately 4,000,000, – €, general business needs and personal equipment of the employees in the amount of approximately 300,000, – EUR, …) estimated here several million euros.


Planned project costs

424.369,12 €

Project Duration

1.1.2017 - 31.3.2021


Socio-cultural and territorial cohesion in the programme area

Lead Partner

Polizeidirektion Osnabrück

Project partners

Bundespolizeidirektion Hannover, Koninklijke Marechaussee / District Noord-Oost / MPC 33 K,


Financer Amount
Polizeidirektion Osnabrück 48.037,04 €
Koninklijke Marechaussee / District Noord-Oost / MPC 33 K 39.489,28 €
Bundespolizeidirektion Hannover 64.312,49 €
EFRE / EFRO 151.838,81 €