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Grenzübergreifende Ökologische Verbindung / Grensoverschrijdende ecologische verbinding

Grenzübergreifende Ökologische Verbindung B.L. Tijdenskanaal - Lethe - Brualer Schlot

The objective of the ‘Cross-border ecological corridor’ project, which runs until June 2021, is to develop a cross-border ecological corridor aimed at connecting the nature reserves around the Ruiten Aa and Westerwoldse Aa areas in the Netherlands with the water system and nature reserves along the Ems River in Germany. This will create a robust, cross-border nature network through which European protected species such as the otter, beaver and grass snake can migrate.

Nature values in this area can be strengthened through relatively simple development measures in the interlinking area. A continuous band of water-bound areas is being created in an east-west direction as an ‘ecological corridor’ between the Dutch nature reserves in Westerwolde and the Ems in Germany, and as a result, a robust, cross-border network consisting of ‘normal’ and Natura 2000 nature reserves is emerging. In addition to the ecological landscaping, it will be investigated whether a recreational route can also be included in the same route. Given the location of several former defence structures (‘ramparts’) in the area, this could result in an attractive walking route.

Collaboration between German and Dutch parties in the project means that there will be cross-border knowledge exchange and development; Dutch parties can learn from the German approach in the project and vice versa.


Planned project costs

870.765,00 €

Project Duration

1.1.2018 - 30.6.2022


Socio-cultural and territorial cohesion in the programme area

Lead Partner

Provincie Groningen

Project partners

Prolander, Landkreis Leer Stabsstelle Ehrenamt, Landkreis Emsland, Gemeinde Rhede (Ems), Unterhaltungsverband 104, Landesfischereiverband Weser Ems e.v., Naturschutzstiftung Emsland, Waterschap Hunze en Aa's, Sportvisserij Groningen Drenthe (voorm. Hengelsportfederatie), Gemeente Westerwolde, Staatsbosbeheer, Angelsportverein Rhede (Ems) e.V.,


Financer Amount
Gemeinde Rhede (Ems) 0,00 €
Programma Landelijk Gebied Groningen 130.515,00 €
EFRE / EFRO 435.000,00 €
Landkreis Emsland 0,00 €
MB Niedersachsen 100.000,00 €
Sportvisserij Groningen Drenthe (voorm. Hengelsportfederatie) 0,00 €
Naturschutzstiftung Emsland 30.000,00 €
Prolander 0,00 €
Landesfischereiverband Weser Ems e.v. 0,00 €
Waterschap Hunze en Aa's 50.000,00 €
Landkreis Leer Stabsstelle Ehrenamt 5.000,00 €
Staatsbosbeheer 10.000,00 €
Angelsportverein Rhede (Ems) e.V. 250,00 €
Gemeente Westerwolde 5.000,00 €
Unterhaltungsverband 104 5.000,00 €
Provincie Groningen 100.000,00 €