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Laserabtrag lokaler Fehlstellen

Laserabtrag lokaler Fehlstellen

Powder coatings have established themselves as a frequently used process both in the industrial environment and in private use (e.g. vehicle frames, household appliances, façade elements). However, the powder coating process is not always free of defects; approx. 5-10 % of the components have flaws. Low-cost components with defects are disposed of as rejects and components with high added value undergo reworking. This currently looks as follows:
1. transport of the defective component to a specialised company
2. decoating with environmentally harmful chemicals
3. return transport and manual rework
4. powder coating process again.

By using innovative techniques, Kamp Coating Apeldoorn BV strives for a continuous improvement of the production quality while reducing the environmental impact. Through the cooperation with the Laser Centre of the University of Applied Sciences Münster in the framework of the

MOVERO” INTERREG project, Kamp Coating became aware of alternative possibilities in the field of laser processing. Whereas previously only full-surface ablation was considered, modern laser processes offer far more options. The irradiation process can be controlled in such a way that only previously defined surface areas are ablated. Such a technology would open up entirely new possibilities in the repair of defective powder coatings. With a precisely controlled laser beam, only the area of the defect can be exposed in a defined manner instead of the entire component. Initial test trials on different coating samples yielded positive results. Should a subsequent recoating of these areas succeed with sufficient quality, only the replacement of defective areas would be necessary from now on. In order to be able to answer this question scientifically, the study will be accompanied by the University of Twente in terms of measurement technology.


Planned project costs

214.744,94 €

Project Duration

1.7.2020 - 30.6.2022


Increase of cross-border innovation in the programme area

Lead Partner

Laserzentrum FH Münster (LFM)

Project partners

Universiteit Twente, Kamp Coating Apeldoorn BV,


Financer Amount
Provincie Gelderland 3.166,37 €
Universiteit Twente 5.668,75 €
MWIDE NRW 15.831,87 €
EFRE / EFRO 106.309,37 €
Provincie Overijssel 3.166,37 €
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat 9.499,12 €
Kamp Coating Apeldoorn BV 49.777,50 €
Laserzentrum FH Münster (LFM) 21.325,59 €