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Nutzung und Weiterentwicklung von modernen Verfahren der Oberflächenstrukturierung für interdisziplinäre Anwendungen in der regionalen Industrie

The project “Development of modern techniques for surface structuring with applications in regional industry” (MOVERO) deals with the microstructuring of surfaces using innovative technologies. For example, a roller embossing process can be used to transfer large-area structures onto foils. By applying a structure to an optically “smooth” foil surface, for example, the contact area for dirt is reduced or the haptic perception is changed by changing the friction values. Another application of these foils is to generate indirect illumination by changing the optical properties of the foil. In the field of solar energy, for example, foils can be used to increase the light output with indirect light, thus improving the efficiency of solar panels. Structured surfaces can also be used to minimize the adhesion of bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, other specially structured surfaces can contribute to higher and desired cell growth.

The Dutch-German consortium, consisting of companies from different sectors (packaging industry, surface technology, solar industry and microbiology) and research institutes (university and university of applied sciences), is not only theoretically involved in the production and optimisation of surface geometries and their functional properties. The main objective of the project is to transfer the acquired knowledge to industrial applications. In this context, new technologies and processes could already be applied by the participating companies.

A very large and diversified target group in the German-Dutch region benefits from the further developments in the field of surface technology made possible by the project:
– the packaging industry (e.g. food packaging and security elements for copy protection),
– energy technology (solar industry),
– printing and advertising technique sector,
– medical technology,
– users in the field of lighting technology.

The common feature of the various applications is the fast high-power ultra-short pulse laser ablation. This makes it possible to create the various functional surface geometries developed in the project on embossing rollers. By multiplying the printing structure in a roll-to-roll process on different foil surfaces (polymers and metals), it is possible to reproduce the structures developed in the project cost-effectively and quickly in large numbers and on large surfaces. Thus, the functional properties of the structure can be preserved and can be used in a wide range of applications. In addition to the project, some concepts have been developed to further develop the know-how and surface technologies.


Planned project costs

4.466.848,69 €

Project Duration

1.7.2016 - 31.12.2020


Increase of cross-border innovation in the programme area

Lead Partner

Fachhochschule Münster

Project partners

DLR-Institut für Vernetzte Energiesysteme e. V, Mikrobiologisches Labor Dr. Michael Lohmeyer GmbH, Universiteit Twente, Schepers GmbH & Co KG, SAUERESSIG GmbH & Co. KG, Irmato, Kamp Coating Apeldoorn BV, Materiomics, Morphotonics B.V. , TAFH Münster GmbH, Duropanel BV, FMI Industrial Automation B.V., Matthews International GmbH,


Financer Amount
Mikrobiologisches Labor Dr. Michael Lohmeyer GmbH 39.940,00 €
TAFH Münster GmbH 0,00 €
Universiteit Twente 41.283,00 €
FMI Industrial Automation B.V. 3.042,63 €
Provincie Overijssel 31.893,06 €
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat 318.932,61 €
ECM Technologies BV 0,00 €
Kamp Coating Apeldoorn BV 166.892,13 €
Irmato 1.078,48 €
Provincie Limburg 63.786,13 €
MB Niedersachsen 132.888,75 €
Materiomics 146.393,62 €
Provincie Gelderland 63.786,13 €
Morphotonics B.V. 238.210,12 €
EFRE / EFRO 2.233.424,01 €
Matthews International GmbH 54.549,74 €
SAUERESSIG GmbH & Co. KG 110.978,43 €
Fachhochschule Münster 210.647,45 €
DLR-Institut für Vernetzte Energiesysteme e. V 46.811,00 €
Provincie Noord-Brabant 53.155,11 €
Schepers GmbH & Co KG 121.030,00 €
MWIDE NRW 398.665,93 €
Duropanel BV 143.218,97 €