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SHE - sustainable healthy euregio

SHE - sustainable healthy euregio

Border regions are inherently economically disadvantaged compared to non-border regions. A strong (border) region also needs healthy citizens. This means that it is also necessary to join forces in the ERMN in the field of (public) health and welfare. The situation surrounding the Corona virus once again shows how important cross-border cooperation is. The WHO indicates that it is important to recognise that a healthy region, and therefore a border region, can be achieved if the objectives for sustainable development (SDGs) are taken into account.
But in the ERMN the partners know each other little or not at all. Therefore, if the barrier effect of the border is to be reduced, the partners need to get to know each other at a different level and learn how to address Euroregional health issues. This leads to our main objective, which is to create a basis for the implementation of the SDGs at the euregional level. This will enable ERMN to act as a model region in the health sector. Because even though there are several health-related initiatives along the NL-DE border, none of them consciously links the euregional cooperation to the SDGs. This has led to the following WPs:

1. Gaining insight into health structures (WP 3)
2. knowledge exchange and knowledge enhancement through themes such as communicable diseases (corona, measles, flu), healthy youth, hard-to-reach target groups and migrants. (WP 4)
3. Euroregional structural network in the ERMN. (WP 5)
4. civic participation. WP 6)
5. identifying and deploying the SDGs. (WP 6)
Use is made of workshops, study days, civil forums, congresses, internships for professionals and reports.
In terms of target group, the WP focuses on the partners themselves, their network partners, politicians, experts, citizens, companies from the border regions, schools, self-help groups and medical staff.


Planned project costs

348.396,00 €

Project Duration

1.7.2020 - 30.6.2022


Socio-cultural and territorial cohesion in the programme area

Lead Partner

Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Noord

Project partners

EPECS - European Empowerment for Customised Solutions, Rhein-Kreis Neuss (Gesundheitsamt), Kreis Viersen, Stadt Mönchengladbach, Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, euPrevent, GGD Zuid Limburg, Stadt Krefeld,


Financer Amount
Stadt Mönchengladbach 5.043,00 €
Rhein-Kreis Neuss (Gesundheitsamt) 11.690,25 €
MWIDE NRW 43.549,50 €
Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf 12.440,75 €
Provincie Limburg 60.979,67 €
EFRE / EFRO 156.788,58 €
Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Noord 13.700,75 €
euPrevent 17.382,00 €
Stadt Krefeld 0,00 €
EPECS - European Empowerment for Customised Solutions 2.716,00 €
GGD Zuid Limburg 12.538,25 €
Kreis Viersen 11.567,25 €