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30 years of interreg

Topic: differences

"With us it really is news without borders."

Debby Derix

30 years of interreg

Borderless information. Northwest Germany and the north of the Netherlands are economically, historically and culturally connected on many levels. But in many media, reporting still ends at the border. And yet many people are interested in information about what is happening in their neighbouring country. This is where the INTERREG project “Without Borders” comes in

30 years of interreg

A healthier border region. The health-i-care project partners are working on this every day. The project focuses on the development of innovative products and technologies that protect the population from infections, in particular from infections caused by antibiotic-resistant micro-organisms. During the project, 30 successful innovations have been completed, some of which have already been brought

Unplug & Go

The future drives electric. Combined with the sharing idea, innovative eCar & eBike sharing concepts are emerging all over the world, also in the euregio rhine-maas-north. The City of Venlo, as lead partner, together with the City of Roermond, the district of Viersen and its business development agency and the City of Mönchengladbach, together with

Finalist Borderland Award 2020

With an elaborate empowerment exchange programme, the Ler(n)end Euregio is one of the three finalists of the Borderland Award 2020! Ler(n)end Euregio is proud of all students and teachers of German Berufskollegs and Dutch MBOs: AVENTUS, BERUFSKOLLEG VIERSEN, ROC RIJN IJSSEL, BERUFSKOLLEG DATTELN, BERUFSKOLLEG RHEYDT-MÜLFORT, MERCATOR BERUFSKOLLEG MOERS en KONING WILLEM I COLLEGE, who participate

From old pants to new seats

New life for used textiles made from blended fibers. The mountains of old clothes are growing massively land are largely destroyed instead of being recycled and returned to the textile industry. Old textiles are a valuable raw material that can be easily reused. As part of the INTERREG V Programme the engineering and development service

30 years of INTERREG

Healthy building is a much discussed topic in times of the corona crisis. This is also shown by the number of more than 20 applications for the innovation vouchers for the promotion of sustainable building in the framework of the cross-border project “Healthy Building Network” in the euregio rhine-maas-north. The fact that this can also be

30 years of interreg

“ROCKET Reloaded” is a continuation of the INTERREG project “ROCKET” (Regional Collaboration on Key Enabling Technologies). It aims to strengthen the German-Dutch ecosystem in the field of key technologies such as photonics, nanotechnology, micro- and nanoelectronics, microsystems and new materials in the application areas of production, energy or health. We talked to Dr. Carsten Hohoff

30 years of interreg

The earlier children come into contact with the neighbouring language and their classmates in the border region, the easier it is to learn the language and culture of the neighbours and to learn that the region consists of a German and a Dutch part. The project “Frühe Nachbarsprache!” (Early Neighbourhood Language) takes on this task.

30 years of interreg

KRAKE – Strong villages The German-Dutch cooperation project “Krachtige Kernen/Starke Dörfer” (KRAKE) is committed to the future viability of small villages. More and more communities are losing important supply structures and quality of life. How can we stop this trend? What can citizens – now and in the future – do to keep their village